The Psychology Research Unit is a part of the Social Sciences Division of the Indian Statistical Institute. The major objectives of the Institute, as given in its Memorandum, are (a) to promote the study and dissemination of knowledge of statistics, to develop statistical theory and methods, and their use in research and practical applications generally, with special reference to problems of planning of national development and social welfare; (b) to undertake research in various fields of natural and social sciences with a view to the mutual development of statistics and these sciences; (c) to provide for, and undertake, the collection of information, investigation, projects and operational research for purposes of planning and the improvement of efficiency of management and production. The Institute has its headquarters in Kolkata and three major centres at Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai and a branch at Giridih. In addition, the Institute has a network of units of Statistical Quality Control and Operations Research at Baroda, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune. Psychology research Unit came into being from 1996, in place of Psychometric Research and Service Unit established in 1954, following a recommendation of second review committee in 1982.

Scientists of this unit conduct research on application of Statistics and Mathematics in explaining different psychological phenomena and psychological test development through different internal and external funding projects, sometimes in collaboration with scientists of other units of ISI/ or other organizations. Besides, the faculties of the unit are involved in teaching and training activities and are providing Ph.D. guidance to the research fellows selected through All India Examinations of the Institute. Scientistis are also providing services in statistical or psychometric analysis of Psychological data. Recently, we have started internship.

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