PRU Weekly Seminar

Awards,Honours & Editorship


Dr. Dutta Roy is the recipient of few awards for his researches

  1. 'Young Scientist Award ' in 1988 by the Indian Science Congress Association,
  2. 'Best Poster Award' in 2003 and 2004 by the Indian Science Congress Association.
  3. 'ICQESMS 2005 Excellence award' by the Indian Congress on Quality,Environment, Energy and Safety Management Systems (ICQESMS) andCentral Board for Workers Education (CBWE) in 2005.
  4. 'Professor T.E. Shanmugam Award for excellence inresearch for 1999 and 2000'by the Madras Psychology Society in 2003.
  5. 'Best Paper Award' by the Pondicherry Psychology Association in 2003.
  6. 'Psychometric educational services award, 2004 by the GCC School of Creative intelligence and Research foundation trust,Vepur-Arcot, in 5th January, 2008.
  7. 'Best paper Award for presentation of research paper entitled ' Flow across layers of consciousness:Indian Model of Health Psychology'at the 4th International conference on recent advances in cognition and health,held at SAP-DRS-I Department of Psychology, Banaras Hindu University, 6-8th February, 2016.
  8. 'School Psychology Best Performance award' by the Governing Council of the Indian School Psychology association (InSPA)in 6th InSPA International Conference on 13-15th October,2016 at Pondicherry University.
  9. "Innovative Scientist Award" by the Governing council of the Indian Academy of Health Psychology in the 3rd International Conference of the Indian Academy of Health Psychology on 12-14th November,2017
  10. "Anita Memorial Innvative Scientist Award" from the International conference of the Indian Academy of Health Psychology organized by Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida on December 22-24, 2022 for presentation of research paper titled ‘ Quantum Consciousness in Psychotherapy’.