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Dr. Debdulal Dutta Roy, Associate Professor, M: 8830010547, E-mail:

Dr. Garga Chatterjee, Asst. Professor, M:    9831200934           




  Dr. Debdulal Dutta Roy is Associate Professor of the Psychology Research Unit of the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. He received Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in 1990. He completed Post Graduation in Psychology with specialization in Abnormal Psychology from the University of Calcutta , 1982.He started schooling from the Ramakrishna Mission Boys' Home, Rahara,West Bengal.He is registered Ph.D. supervisor of the Calcutta University.

AWARDS:    Dr. Dutta Roy is the recipient of few awards for his researches

  1. 'Young Scientist Award ' in 1988 by the Indian Science Congress Association,
  2. 'Best Poster Award' in 2003 and 2004 by the Indian Science Congress Association.
  3. 'ICQESMS 2005 Excellence award' by the Indian Congress on Quality,Environment, Energy and Safety Management Systems (ICQESMS) andCentral Board for Workers Education (CBWE) in 2005.
  4. 'Professor T.E. Shanmugam Award for excellence inresearch for 1999 and 2000'by the Madras Psychology Society in 2003.
  5. 'Best Paper Award' by the Pondicherry Psychology Association in 2003.
  6. 'Psychometric educational services award, 2004 by the GCC School of Creative intelligence and Research foundation trust,Vepur-Arcot, in 5th January, 2008.
  7. 'Best paper Award for presentation of research paper entitled ' Flow across layers of consciousness:Indian Model of Health Psychology'at the 4th International conference on recent advances in cognition and health,held at SAP-DRS-I Department of Psychology, Banaras Hindu University, 6-8th February, 2016.
  8. 'School Psychology Best Performance award' by the Governing Council of the Indian School Psychology association (InSPA)in 6th InSPA International Conference on 13-15th October,2016 at Pondicherry University.
  9. "Innovative Scientist Award" by the Governing council of the Indian Academy of Health Psychology in the 3rd International Conference of the Indian Academy of Health Psychology on 12-14th November,2017.
  10. Indian School Psychology association (InSPA) offered InSPA Rathna Award in 2021 for book publication on School Psychology in Indian context.
  11. Internatonal conference Indian Academy of Health Psychology(ICIA HP) offered award 'Anita Sen Memorial Innovative Scientist Award ' for presentation of Research paper titled' Quantum Consciousness in Psychotherapy' in December 21, 2022


  • Regional Secretary, Indian Academy of Health Psychology
  • Regional Secretary, Indian School Psychology Association
  • Division convener of psychological assessment, National Academy of Psychology (NAOP).

BOOK PUBLICATION:     He wrote book titled "Principles of Questionnaire Development With Empirical Studies" for students and Researchers in Social Sciences. The ISBN 9788190992312.

TEST & QUESTIONNAIRE DVELOPMENT:    Dr. Dutta Roy did extensive researches for development of different psychological instruments:

  1. Organizational Health Questionnaire
  2. Computer programming Aptitude test battery
  3. Picture drawing test to assess consciousness layers of tribalchildren
  4. Reading and Writing Motivation Questionnaire for primaryschool children
  5. Questionnaire for assessment of attitude towardsprimary school infrastructures
  6. Questionnaire for assessing self-efficacy of agricultural farmers
  7. Verbal reasoning test battery
  8. Safe School perception

PSYCHOMETRIC MODELS:     He published research papers on some psychometric test development models- increasein Cronbach's Alpha coefficient, item-total association bycorrespondence analysis, determining item discrimination value in caseof small sample size study.Dr. Dutta Roy evaluated methodologies followed in construction of alarge number of Psychological tests under the guidance of NationalCouncil of Educational Research and Training, 1992.

EVALUATION STUDIES:    He was the member of the Technical group for statistical consultancy of ISI, 1995. Hewas the Chief Coordinator for evaluation of IEC program of the Midterm Evaluation Project of IPP8 of CMDA, 1998 funded by World Bank. Hetested the validity of Fast ForWord(r) language gateway editionproduct of the Scientific Learning Corporation, USA. As statisticaladvisor of the Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad, he evaluatedthe project titled " Evaluation of Social Safety Net Programme andTracer Study on Impact of Job Separation". Dr. Dutta Roy was in the team for evaluating impact of training by Central Board for Workers Education to theworkers of Ambica Multifibres Ltd., Belur.

REVIEW:    He is engaged in reviewing manuscripts of both Indian and foreignjournals. He is currently the member of the editorial board of 'TheVision' (a scholarly Journal of School of Management Sciences, BengalEngineering & Science University).

EDITOR:     He was the Editor-in-chief of PSYBER NEWS ,International Psychology Research Publication, published in both electronic blogs and print media.

PUBLICATIONS:    He published 86 research papers in the Indian and Foreign journals, 15 papers in books, gave 112 invited lectures in different corporate sectors, universities, institutes of National importance and colleges, presented 114 research papers in National and International conferences(Japan,Malaysia,China,Pakistan,Nepal and Dubai).

CONCEPTUAL MODELS:    He developed some conceptual models - Organizational diagnosis,non-financial accounting for innovation, managing incentive forinnovation, managing school infrastructure for indigenous people inhills and sustainable reading motivation, Rabindrasangeet in Psychotherapy

WORKSHOP/SEMINAR ORGANIZATION:    To disseminate psychometric principles, he convened several training programmes,workshops and symposium in and out of the Institute. Some inhouse programmes are


  1. National Symposium On The Psychology In Diabetes: Issues, Challenges and Care,March 1, 2017.
  2. Orientation training program on Data analytics in Psychological research,held in Hyderabad, 8-9.2.2017.
  3. Orientation training program on Data analytics in Psychological research-11-12.8.2016.
  4. One day symposium on School psychology: Critical issues and challenges-30.5.2016.
  5. Workshop on Life contingency table for estimating Mortality and Morbidity of patients suffering from Mental diseases-16-17,2,2016.
  6. Winter school on Data mining in Psychological research-19-21.2.2015.
  7. Workshop on Application of Advanced Multivariate Statistical Tools in Psychological And Educational Researches', 10-11,8,2006.
  8. Seminar on schedule design for psychological andeducational survey researches, 8.12.2006.

Besides, he conducted workshops on large and small sample data analysis, application of SPSS, Psychological test construction, questionnaire development in other institutes.








Dr. D. Dutta Roy, Psychology Research Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

Ph.D. Degrees under Dr. Debdulal Dutta Roy

  1. A Study of Organizational Health and Job Satisfaction in Rural Banks from Psychological Perspective - thesis submitted to the Department of Psychology, University of Calcutta - Dr.Susmita Mukhopadhyay,Ph.D, 4th August,1999-February, 2005. Awarded Ph.D.
  2. A Study on Short-term Memory Assessment with Successive Decrease in Stimulus Presentation Time using Computer-aided Digit Span Test, thesis submitted to the Department of Psychology, University of Calcutta - Dr.Manjishtha Maitra,Ph.D. 4th August, 2000-2005.
  3. Cognitive self-efficacy in Schizophrenia, thesis submitted to the Department of Psychology, University of Calcutta, by Dr.Shivani Santosh,Ph.D in 2014 and received the award in August,2015. She joined ISI 21st August, 2008.
  4. A Study on Innovative Self-efficacy of School teachers - thesis submitted to the Department of Psychology, University of Calcutta, by Dr.Anurupa Kundu in 2016 and received the award in 6th September, 2018. She joined ISI on 27th September, 2010.
  5. A study on Visual Reasoning abilities and Working memory across ages - Dr. Sumona Datta obtained Ph.D. (Sc.) degree in 9th March,2021.
  6. A study on Self-care efficacy in diabetes mellitus- Dr.Ghosh Sravanti Amiyakanti Swapna obtained Ph.D. (Arts.) degree in 21st June,2021.
  7. Discrepant knowledge sharing in a team setting - Dr. Nandini Biswas. 19th june, 2019.

Ph.D. fellows working under my supervision at ISI.,Kolkata (contd..)

  1. Ms.Anurupa Kundu (Submitted Thesis titled "A study on Innovative Self-efficacy of school teachers" in September,2016)
  2. Ms.Shravanti Ghosh (Registered)
  3. Ms.Sumona Datta (Registered)
  4. Ms.Moorshida Khatoon (Plan of work submitted)

Doing Ph.D. under my supervision not registered in ISI.,Kolkata (contd..)

  1. Ms. Nandini Biswas (Submitted thesis titled "Discrepant Knowledge Sharing in a Team Setting" in November, 2017)
  2. Ms. Sucharita Soumya Sil (Plan of work submitted)
  3. Ms. Amrita Banerjee

Doing Ph.D. under my second supervision as not registered in ISI.,Kolkata (contd..)